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S100 - 100 watts Stereo
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By Special Order Only





Clayton Audio is a St. Louis based company dedicated to producing reference quality amplification for those who value the palpability and elegance of natural, live sound. To that end, we only make pure, class A amplifiers of reference quality. Our amplifiers are the creation of a retired IBM engineer who specialized in power supply design and who wanted to bring some of his expertise to the field of audio. All our amplifiers use the new Motorola semiconductors that are receiving their first audio application. These bipolar output transistors are multiply paralleled for smooth sound, long term reliability, and extreme stability (the amplifiers do not produce speaker-destroying on/off thumps). Our power supplies are built to a standard that would do justice to much higher-powered audiophile designs with temperature tolerances superior to those of many well-known amplifiers.
All Clayton amplifiers are conservatively rated and have enormous current reserves to drive virtually any speaker load with aplomb. They will double their power output into 4 ohms and increase further down to 1 ohm. Carefully selected audiophile grade parts are used throughout, including the finest audiophile wiring from D.H. Labs and capacitors from Sprague, as well as binding posts and RCA inputs from WBT, Germany. The faceplates are finished to meet the most exacting cosmetic standards. Our amplifiers were designed to handle difficult loads in a manner that has all the traditional strengths of solid-state --- bass control, power, current delivery, wide frequency response --- while producing a refined, grainless sound with good depth and imagining that recalls --- without seeking to imitate --- the best tube equipment. Well-recorded classical music and acoustic jazz are especially well-served by our products. But rock also takes on a new clarity and weight with our products. Visit Clayton Audio's website at to learn more!














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